Aroused by Arête, provoking poems and ideas

London Reflected

beauty and perfection ...


what could you share ...


the uncertainties of life ..

Reflecting on Mother

motherhood from another angle

Crazy Maze

Lost in a maze, find your solution

In the Pink

a mutter about politics

Light Reflection

look to the light and strive to improve

Pursuit of Purpose

what gives your life meaning?


Is anything permanent, solid, set in concrete?

Sweet or Bitter?

which do you choose to cook

Expose You

Bare yourself … dare to be exposed

Better Blogging

questions and comments about how to blog better

Lifestyle Choices

have you made deliberate choices?

Panic Attacks

a sad fact for far too many

Danger Zones

a quirky look at three dangers to society


being a nun

Are You in Control?

maybe you think you are?

Need an Apprenticeship

will anyone apprentice me ...

Spin a Yarn

i can spin a yarn but my knitting is woeful


what scent arouses you

Pleasantly Knackered

exhausted but satisfied

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