Creative Questions

Namaste, Hi and Hello!

Due to lack of interest in Creative Questions I have decided to put more energy into my other posts such as poetry and photography through WP Weekly Photo Challenges and Daily Prompts.  But the posts below are quite revealing and have started another blog called “Meet the Bloggers” with a nice variety of interviews accumulating, so please read and respond?

Let’s inspire each other to attain our fullest creative potential?

Please click below to read the post but be sure to follow the links and read the comments as most contributed via the comment section, enjoy?

25.  What is your biggest addiction?

24. What would your ‘ideal’ society look like?

23. What does wealth mean to you?

22. Why do you write?

21.  Please share a brief history of your blogging career?

20. Teen porn and pregnancy are on the rise yet basic factual sex education is severely restricted they claim due to mature content?  What is the solution?

19. Tell us about an interesting road trip you’ve been on?


17.  Do we need to rethink our version of democracy; of elections and governance; of reconnecting with real people and their issues?

16.  Please share a sweet childhood memory?

15   Please share your constructive solutions for domestic violence?

14.  Have you been inspired to refresh or improve a talent recently?

13. How have your life values changed?

Second Review

12. Please share your stories about staph infections?

11. If you were a musical instrument which one would you be and why?

10. How has war impacted on your family and life?

9.  How has mental health touched your life?

8: Please share a gift that you’ve received and one that you’ve given?

First Review – a tribute and thanks to all those who have participated!

7. You have just won $10 million Lottery – share how it will impact your life?

6. Write about a moment of courage when you stood up for yourself!

5. What cheers you up – what brings a smile to your dial, a skip to your step, makes life seem more worthwhile?

4. How do you describe yourself when asked Who are You?

3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

2. How have you and yours been affected by violence?

1. Please share your story about an eccentric who’s cheered up your life?