Aroused by Arête, provoking poems and ideas



Infusion of Light

mystery permeates from this infusion of light

Vivid Evanescent

light festival around Sydney harbour


a delicious moment of love and travel ... now faded more than my photo!

impressive critters

encountered on my walk to the wharf

Bird Chat

bird life along the shores ...

British Heritage

what could be more English ... sorry no toff in a top hat

Cultural Heritage

a peek at our cultural diversity


my feathered friends are so entertaining!

London Reflected

beauty and perfection ...

Reflecting on Mother

motherhood from another angle

Light Reflection

look to the light and strive to improve

Danger Zones

a quirky look at three dangers to society

Pleasantly Knackered

exhausted but satisfied

Worldly Wanderlust

have travelled broadly so to select three photos was a challenge!

Mother Earth

our environment requires respect for our survival

Climbing Status

Annapurna, Mt Cader Idris and some other climbs

Security is …

sufficient daily needs or something deeper, more spiritual - what is it to you?


Density is versatile - could mean your lifestyle; clouds, foliage or ...

A Top View

Pause, Breath, Renew!

Our Patterns

changing our entrenched patterns of behaviour is necessary for personal growth

My Wish

my most favourite wish of all

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