Aroused by Arête, provoking poems and ideas



Panic Attacks

a sad fact for far too many


simple solutions for grey days


that's the way most of us will go ..


make a lifestyle change, become more aware and look within for healing


prepare for the inevitable ... time uncertain

Quick or Slow?

enjoying life or hastening your demise?

Health Awareness

Photos to encourage a healthy diet!

The Next Big Adventure

Short flash fiction accepted for publication.


We all share photos of how we unwind but real relaxation comes from our own mind, check and see what you find? Open for photos and more clues?

RELAX – beach stroll, nap, gallery

Thanks Ruby for this magic photo - open for more!

Life and Death

A very short poem inspired by Leonard Cohen's death.

Mind Body Wealth

mind body relationship


A poem to help you explore if you are ready for what comes next!


A poem to uplift!


No, this is not about a baby’s pram-cart nor a salesperson vying for big bucks not even an illegal drug dealer trying his luck it’s about billions of dollars of profits for a start, About controlled business without any heart!... Continue Reading →

Ready 2 Exit?

A frank discussion on end of life issues ...

Health Hints III

more Health hints regarding cancer, stroke, addictions and other clues!

Staph Infections

basic information on symptoms and treatment, a must read for everyone!

Health Hints II

More Health tips on heart disease, cholesterol, snoring and footwear

Health Hints

Some essential Health hints on weight, dementia and other issues

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