Aroused by ArĂȘte, provoking poems and ideas



Britain’s Grief

once again we are catapulted into horror ...

Notorious Villains

a dichotomy that we all love a villain ..


what could you share ...

Reflecting on Mother

motherhood from another angle

Better Blogging

questions and comments about how to blog better

Family Roots

got deep roots ...

Surprise Me

old photos with a message


we are on the brink - what solutions can we offer?

Passport Pivilege

don't ever take them for granted

Survival Against All Odds!

This poignant statue is commemorative of the abuse suffered by children as a result of Govt and Church. Read about the layers if you are brave?

Calling ALL Parents!

Difficulties dealing with your own sexuality? Educating the kids can be a bigger challenge ...

Teen Porn and Pregnancy

The challenges of educating youngsters when parents and the 'system' are in denial!

Shifting Focus

Hints to focus on the change we want to see ... develop basic skills and embrace diversity!

Violence … CQ 2

A poem about abuse and violence

Trauma Triggers

Poem about the pain that we inflict by sending people to war!

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