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of magical opportunity await us

Disastrous Impunity

cop kills lady calling for help ...

Blogging Tips

to prevent you bumbling or stumbling ..

Building Your Writer’s Brand

Just found this post thanks to Simon .. it has great information crucial to some of my readers who have or are about to publish … you can’t afford to miss it ..

E. Denise Billups, Writer

Indie authors are jack-of-all-trades. Not only are they writers, but also promoters and marketers of their finished product. This for most writers is difficult and for some an afterthought. Before you finish your book, you should have a well-defined marketing plan established and the first step is to create a mission statement.

In simple terms, a mission statement is short, concise sentence or paragraph describing your business and purpose (who you are, what you do, and your purpose or goals). This single statement is your marketing message, disseminating your brand, and the writer’s guide to reaching his/her ultimate goals.

Most people believe a mission statement is for major corporations or nonprofit organizations but for anyone building a brand whether you’re a painter, architect or writer, a mission statement is a crucial piece to crafting your image. For indie or traditionally published authors, a mission statement conveys your passion, your expertise, and…

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Caper About

lets age disgracefully with a bit more mischief

Faith Crisis

an observation .. what do you think?


what used to jangle ..

quill spill

painful beauty

T. H. I. N. K.

Sue shares insightful posts but today’s is one of my favourites, her use of the THINK = Truth Help Inspire Needed Kindness acronym is priceless 🙂

Jibber Jabber with Sue

How many times have we found ourselves in situations wherein we wish we could take something back?  A few choice words, a scornful look, an awkward handshake, a wrong name, a bad lane change, a premature text, a distasteful joke and the list goes on.  What’s interesting, of course, is how we all choose to deal with it once it ‘comes out’, so to speak?  Do we Scamper, make excuses, own it, hide, turn red-faced, apologize or simply ignore/disregard that it even happened?  We did a lot of ignoring in my family and not a lot of apologies were ever given that I remember, anyway.  Not surprisingly then, the same pattern of ‘ignorance is bliss’ would follow me into young adulthood.  Also, not surprisingly, it turns out that ‘sweeping things under the carpet’ does NOT work well.  Especially in relationships.  And so, I have worked hard over the past…

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a bit of fun ... 🙂


are you loud ...

World Order

multinationals, markets, health, war, IT, media, politics ... dissatisfaction is increasing

Love me Tender

a love song ..


our senses enjoy crisp ..

Natty or Not

natty chatty or batty ..


arsey or brassy ...


what is your portion in life ..


a brief take

Britain’s Grief

once again we are catapulted into horror ...


going up or down?

Notorious Villains

a dichotomy that we all love a villain ..

for the Veterans – Military Appreciation Month

This moving and powerful story of how a teacher demonstrated how we have the freedom to learn, [shop, eat, have freedom of speech, etc!]  Please read or it will be your loss? Source: for the Veterans - Military Appreciation Month


what could you share ...

Reflecting on Mother

motherhood from another angle

Pursuit of Purpose

what gives your life meaning?

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