Aroused by Arête, provoking poems and ideas



calm or chuckle

Britain’s Grief

once again we are catapulted into horror ...


going up or down?

Notorious Villains

a dichotomy that we all love a villain ..

for the Veterans – Military Appreciation Month

This moving and powerful story of how a teacher demonstrated how we have the freedom to learn, [shop, eat, have freedom of speech, etc!]  Please read or it will be your loss? Source: for the Veterans - Military Appreciation Month


what could you share ...

Reflecting on Mother

motherhood from another angle

In the Pink

a mutter about politics

Pursuit of Purpose

what gives your life meaning?

Sweet or Bitter?

which do you choose to cook

Better Blogging

questions and comments about how to blog better

Spin a Yarn

i can spin a yarn but my knitting is woeful

Family Roots

got deep roots ...


This is a must read reblog!


laughter is the best medicine


I prefer mine transparent thanks

Cranky Pants

are you one?

Sincerity Measure

how i might measure sincerity .. a humorous approach

Surprise Me

old photos with a message


we are on the brink - what solutions can we offer?


prolific 'likers' please be prudent, we have got your number

Why Wait for Later?

it's heaps healthier to forgive ourselves and others now - later might be too late!

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