Spent ages loosely conforming to societal expectations before indulging my spirituality full-time, this ignited my creativity – poetry, blogging, writing and photography. These enable me to avoid domestics to which I am highly allergic, yes really!

Am a global citizen seeking an end to violence at every level, between us individually and on a global scale – enough is enough! Despite our differences we are ‘one’ so connecting with our inner kindness and resilience seems the healthiest way to care for ourselves and each other.

Trying to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible so I cycle or take public transport, recycle clothes, furniture, etc.  What are you doing about our limited resources?

You can learn more about me here, but a lot more about me by reading my posts! I am Kate but that wasn’t available so somehow became ‘calmkate’.

I will feature several old posts in rotation to save searching archives if you have time to browse.

Have started another blog with the hope of interviewing a diverse range of fellow bloggers as I have enjoyed similar posts by others but then noticed that they get lost in their general blog … hence a specialist separate one, Meet the Bloggers!

Life can be curly, so enjoy a brief escape by browsing here – and please leave your imprint in the form of comments and likes, and to keep in touch you will need to follow?
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