Part 3: Mark and Trev

Part 1 then Part 2 … this is Part 3 of 4

Now Mark may have been hiding his face but as an escapee he was on full alert … nothing was going unnoticed. Especially Trev’s presence pacing around them, Mark could feel his animosity. But he also knew that as Amy wouldn’t help retrieve his stash he may well need Trev’s help, it would take two!

How ironic, needing help from your enemy. But Mark also knew that if he included him Trev would not dob him in and that was paramount at this stage.

So Mark waited for Amy leave taking away their ruse picnic and then pinned Trev against the wall.

“You going to help me or what?”

ugh, how did you know it was me?”

“Mate you have an odd walk and we did grow up together so how could I miss you”

All right then but only if I get half” … this was what he’d really wanted and fancy Mark asking him!

“You gotta be jokin, ten percent is fair”

They argued a bit but Trev knew he had the upper hand if Mark needed his help so he stuck out for thirty percent. But Trev also knew Mark couldn’t be trusted, he just had to find out where the stash was and then make his move …

Final episode, Part 4 



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