Broken Hearted

My heart is broken as we part ways
the soul of WordPress dies today

Connection and community flounder
as personal blogs can never replace

The host page to share our photos
and post our daily prompts … alas

We will meet up in smaller groups
no idea how newbies find a substitute

DP: Broken



  1. Say it isn’t so —
    that you’re not really going to go
    from this forum of the heart
    leaving a void as you depart.

    I’m not sure what prompted this —
    but something surely is amiss.
    Parting words, I can but borrow:
    “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

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    1. I am not going anywhere at this stage unless another blog site is free and has community participation … I am just bemoaning the loss of WP’s soul as its being ripped out as I feel it’s essential to document this murder!

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        1. lol bloggers come and go much like life … I enjoy posting, reading and the interaction but daily prompts and weekly photo challenges have been a huge part of that, so let’s see what evolves.

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  2. I too am morning the loss is the daily prompt. I am working with some other bloggers and we will be posting words collaboratively. I know others have they are going to do a community pool….hard though because it really won’t be the same. 😢

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      1. So true. Maybe they will change their minds. I’m not really worried about “everyone”…these words mattered to me which is why I decided to continue them. It looks like there may be 4 of us all together working on that project which could be fun. 🤞

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  3. It was shyly diving into the WP Community Pool that started some wonderful connections that I treasure to this day…I cannot thank these forums enough and to see them go is a shame…thank you for sharing and documenting!

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            1. exactly Kim, those of us who have been here a while have made our connections but the newbies will struggle as the reader can be overwhelming! I have totally enjoyed checking out three new [to me] bloggers most days. I so love the huge range of responses we gave to the same prompt .. that community soul is dying today 😦

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  4. When I do come online it is to see what you have written. I have missed my days of blogging and as my girlfriend, with now 2 kids said to me the other day. “If you have extra time on your hands you know I need help.” My words back were, “If I had the extra time I would be working on MY baby Le Marche Magic that I worked so hard at starting and now my heart is, broken for neglecting my site for so long 😔. I was so happy a year ago writing and meeting fellow writers here, I was proud of myself. Now I just shake my head in disappointment.

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