Although of English pedigree
of colonisation I ardently disagree

The stiff upper lip and cup of tea
farcical ritual that makes me pee

Royalty so wrong as we pay a huge fee
they should all abdicate and set us free!

Australia should be a republic, let us be!
Separation from warmongers a vital key 

Can back all this up with my uni degree
welcome any debate of this claim with me

DP:  Pedigree – my photo of Trafalgar Square ages ago! 



  1. I live in Trafalgar Square,
    With four lions to guard me.
    Fountains and statues all over the place,
    And The Metropole staring me right in the face!
    I’ll own it’s a trifle draughty,
    But I look at it this way, you see,
    If it’s good enough for Nelson,
    It’s quite good enough for me!

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        1. Sorry …. but it has a very strange history for me. Actually I don’t know Richard Thompson either. The gentleman who brought it to me was Stanley Holloway. A friend and I used to listen to it and laugh a lot. We also used to watch lawn bowls at 2AM. Magic times …..

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              1. and talk of artists, Stan is one … please check out Tom Folwell, an Aussie now based in Coromandel but I’m guessing you’d like his work


              1. Strange, I’ve been pestered to do just that, but it would be the antithesis of my view, having said that – thank you for the vote of confidence:) but you’d be part of the whole joint operation anyway.

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