My Day Awakens

To others it may have seemed that I was walking alone but here are some of the friends I met this morning …

lizards lazing in the sun

gulls gliding against the gusts

millipedes mindfully marching

pelicans perched on solar panels

willy wagtails waiting for worms

fencers farting about on their phones

commerants drape their wings to dry

fat fish launched themselves into the sky,

were they indulging an adrenaline rush or training for acrobatics

had to dodge the mighty wave splashes which left a brief rainbow as they soaked


fortunately I didn’t take my camera as it would have got drenched!

NB photo was taken on this sea wall at another time – no place I’d rather be!

WPC: Place in the World



  1. What wonderful poem about your wonderful company! Yes, they sound wonderful, even with all the farting, draping, launching, marching, lazing, perching, waiting, and other -inging going on! HA! 😀
    Love this poem, Kate!
    It made me laugh loudly! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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