Building a Beach


Environmental adaption as council reclaims land and builds a beach …

first they reclaim the river’s edge by dumping the large rocks,
cover that with soil then top with white sand
… and we have another beach!

DP: Micro – Nothing to do with the topic but decided to digress, lol



  1. Naughty of me to even intrude, but … 🙂 … micro steps to recovery. Nice to see the concern of the councils, it’s happening not far from here too. Just when I had entered a cynical phase too, about local govt. and they start doing good. 🙂

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    1. agreed, most beaches here are natural that’s why I was fascinated to see it being reclaimed! Can’t imagine how tall buildings would be safe on reclaimed land …


    1. oh they had changed the river flow previously by building a huge breaker wall before they started this small project … councils want to attract tourists and avoid flooding so they interfere with nature … man’s way?

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