distractions are so captivating,

things like devices, tellie, movies, reading, etc

then there is the family, work, study, domestic chores,


when do you give yourself time

how do you set priorities to ensure they fit between the above

wasting time delays life for soon impermanence will capture us …


nature captivates me, as do people

our interactions, processes and priorities

but distractions take second place to my priorities!

WN – Version 2

DP: Captivating



  1. We were being surrounded with a lot of distraction nowadays which renders us to hardly focus on the things that matters the most. One must have a great fortitude of disciplining one self to be able to do things that are relevant and worth investing in. Anyway, beautiful piece and it reminds me of my priorities as well. 🙂

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      1. No big bucks (any bucks) yet. But I was in the first CR anthology, others blogs and some other collections put together for charity. Chap books, college lit magazine, even the newspaper and it’s subscribers magazine.

        Mostly I use my Nom-de-plume… JulesPaige, because words are like jewels on a page. I like puns. 🙂

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        1. lol great pun!
          yes must be a great feeling to be included in the CR anthology … would love to be considered for the next one but don’t really get the drift of how I enter/ get there?

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              1. I popped around your categories. I’ve done 99 word verse too. And haibun – prose with haiku.
                I think though that Charli will give you the subject to write on. So really if it works out – whatever you are most comfortable with – just 99 words no more no less 🙂

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              2. Be patient, as she’s getting the compilation of the extended last prompt ready, as well as getting the new prompt post ready. Charli also likes to visit most of the entries also. So she might get to you by the week end or next week. 🙂

                I’ll look for you at those other prompt sites – I am pretty sure I’ve seen you there. But there’s only so much time in one day 🙂

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            1. I’m a Middle Americanaire. When my hubby is able and finally retires… who knows how well we’ll do? Maybe by then I can help to support us with my writing? (I’ll keep that dream alive…)

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