Our human mind has wonderful potential!
It determines how we interpret life,
business matters, dear ones or strife.

How we will react – open and kind
or judgmental creating a bind?
Practice being skilful, see what you find;
expand it out, don’t be narrow or blind.

Calm and kindness help to unwind
The most wondrous tool is our own mind!

So essential to tame!
Watch your thoughts, they’re never the same;
Too many distractions to try and name.
But conquering them will bring inner fame,
otherwise they only maim!

Relax don’t control the game.
Be wary of how thoughts distort.
Our emotions need to be wrought

Books are just the first port
We need a technique to sincerely sort
delusion and confusion that only fraught.
Life is far too short.

Hence a technique or method must be sought
So don’t get caught
in complications that amount to naught.

Are you in control of your mind?
Check and see what you find?

ccc 18.12.2006         DP: Wonder – an antidote to yesterdays prompt!



  1. Goodness Gracious
    Holy cow
    I don’t know what
    I’m thinking now
    There’s something gone
    That I can’t find
    I think I’ve gone
    And lost my mind
    Retrace my steps
    To where I stood
    It’s no great loss
    It weren’t much good
    I used to keep it
    In my head
    Perhaps it’s in
    A book I read.

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