plane, train and automobile

My most recent story is the marathon of public transport
to visit my aged mother!


An hours drive to the airport, I’ve moved since the ticket was booked. Park at a friends who drove me to the airport. Plane delayed half hour, had a head wind but madly ran the entire length of our domestic airport to make it in time with thirty seconds to spare for my four hour train journey. Changed twice more, she lives well past the end of the line and the last few stations are not connected to the electric train lines.

Feature photo is from the train window.  Train is from my Welsh archives, the classic car/bike are also from archives, the bike being more my usual style …
had to introduce some humour!


See my post ‘Branching Out’ for more photos and details. Last few stops is by diesel carriages which replaced the steam a while ago lol and there were enough seats on this train but not the earlier two as so many commute to Sydney for work or study. And with the cost of living there so expensive many commute for hours. Then into town for a taxi and a very long ride to Mum’s. The buses only run in schools hours ….

What’s your most epic trip in the last few years? 
Took 16 hours to travel 240 kilometres on five different modes of transport
in India one day …

WPC:  Story




          1. That is kind. I prefer to think it as last life, I owed, this life I return. Besides, as I told Mum when she was upset that she had to burden me with 2 oldies, that it was my privilege. When I was young, she cared for me. It is now my turn. Ha!Ha! Anything to stop her from feeling regret of burdening me.

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              1. HA! I leave them out of the equation. If they are there, they are there. If they are not there, so be it. I do not see it as extra help as it is a non reliable source and upsets my planning or coordination of things to be done.

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              2. she has massive supports as she has lived her for decades and the community support is amazing … they even pay for taxis to take her to specialist appointments so she doesn’t have to do the slow trip I do! Her grandchildren often come on weekends, every one wants to visit when you live by the beach …

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  1. She is very lucky then to have all that support. You can then relax a little. I am happy she is well visited. My parents are lucky to have good friends looking in on them and getting them lunch or dinner. This helps me as I need not rush over daily. This week, I have been lucky to have time for self as I am just tired and bones hurting 🙂

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  2. Travel can be quite lengthy AND be oh so tiring (especially the airport waits) these days…but, I’m so glad you took on this journey to visit your mom! 🙂 I bet she was so happy to see you! 🙂 I hope she is doing well! 🙂

    My last epic trip?! It was 3,764.9 km (2 hour drive to airport, 5 hour flight, and then another 2 hour drive.) Last epic road trip was 2,341 km….all driving in a car. 🙂 I wish I could ride on choo-choo trains more. Last train ride was too many years ago. 😦

    OnTheRoadAgain HUGS!!! 😀

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  3. My longest trip ever was 6 days on the Trans Mongolia railway from Beijing to Moscow, and it was also to see my mum, and the rest of my family. They weren’t waiting for me in Moscow, so I still had another overnight trip to Estonia and then flight back home.

    The best part though was that I hadn’t told my family I was coming home (after a two year trip). Scaring the crap out of everyone was the best bit. Especially my sister as she came back from work I was jumping on her bed (I was 25 at the time).

    I think traveling to see family always makes it special, but also longer. Now when I travel with my kids to go back to the UK it’s a nightmare. All fun has been taken from the trip as your more concerned with stopping your kids hitting people’s heads, kicking the bottom of the seats, or screaming the plane down when we take off and land.

    Your trip to see your mum sounds like fun, but sure it was worth it.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Barry O’Leary

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