Fact or Fiction

 life is what we make it
be careful what you wish for …
change your attitude with heartfelt gratitude
take responsibility for everything that flows from
your mouth and your finger tips

DP: Fact – please feel free to add your own pearl’s of wisdom!



  1. Words of the wise indeed. The mouth tends to say things that often one regrets and these days with social media, our fingers do the typing and I am guilty of “saying” the most hateful things to people such as MR EX. He may not be nice but I was also not nice to hit back with typed words. Good reminder!

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  2. I think the fingers are just as problematic as the mouth in this day and age! So many keyboard warriors who say horrendous things they would never dream of saying in person. Great post. Time for peeps to take responsibility!

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  3. What a beautiful well!
    It does make a person think of wishes!
    *I’m throwing some coins in the well, Kate, and I’m wishing you joy, peace, love, and laughter!
    A pearl…hmm…may the world be a better place because we were here…because we were forgiving, merciful, kind, loving, respectful, helpful, and joyful!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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