Inkling of Fun!

Now if I had even an inking of how much fun I could have with these ‘creative writing’ challenges I would have started them ages ago! The challenge of using their random words to complete a story or poem is such fun that it doesn’t matter if they are read or not … in fact they’re not being well read but that doesn’t detract from the joy I get from flexing my wordsmith muscles, stretching my grey matter!
So here’s a challenge try writing something very different today,
a style you don’t usually use
then post a link in my comments section?

Come on, join the fun and maybe collect a few more readers!

come on you slow gits … none of you have commented on my new tech skills … the different fonts and occasional colour .. is it pleasing or should I go plain again?




  1. I question whether the font colors even show up. I routinely use color in my posts, but nobody ever says a word about them. And I will blog today about yesterday and the computer from hell. Reason one I didn’t comment….

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          1. Ooooh, I like that! 🙂 And it is true!

            I heard an interview just this morning… A neurologist was saying that the average brain generates 80% negative thoughts vs a mere 20% positive ones. Kind of scary…

            Made me realize how much self-judgement is going on in my mind everyday. Will certainly work on that, from now on…

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            1. that’s only because we let it! As a meditator I know that we can train our mind just like we train our body to be fit … just that most tend to focus on the physical rather than their mental well-being!

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