This is the only free competition that I’m aware of, so click on the links to see if you agree

“Free” meaning no reading fee required. Most competitions must raise very good revenue that must be well in excess of their prize money. This fee ranges from $12 but is usually more.

Call me cynical but they asked for humour and only some of the winners even made me smile. Most winners were commenting on current topical issues.

The overall winner wasn’t humourous at any level to me. She described too many women’s marriage and I would suggest that every male read it so that they can be aware of how NOT to treat their loved one. Taken for granted, derided, enslaved … I felt it was a graphic but tragic statement. But maybe laughing at it is how these wives survive such a relationship … I certainly wouldn’t be staying.

Second and third place were excellent and well worth clicking on to read, then five of the runners up were also very worthy. The young man’s lamentation hit the nail on the head, very well written. ‘Select Me’ , ‘the Dog Mom Bag’ has a shot at the fashion conscious. ‘Toy Drive‘ and ‘Wharton‘ make you grin. All of these will certainly make you smile … let me know if any make you laugh?

Last and least here is my entry that didn’t even rate a mention lol .. or just scroll down to read “Down by the River”