A solitary statue in the busy city centre
the waratah stands tall, a lone sentinel

If we could strive to be similar
watchful, secure and comfortable

When noise and turmoil is all about
solid, strong, centred and steady

For if too distracted
or riddled with dis-ease

We lose our resilience and focus
blown here or erupting there

Knowing our worth and purpose
anchors us when times are tough

Ease with solitude or company
brings balance, ease and security

daily prompt: Β Solitary



  1. “watchful, secure and comfortable”
    Yes! We should strive for these!
    What a beautiful pairing of photo and poem, Kate! Both statue and poem have a strong, comforting vibe! This post reminds me of the poem by Henry Lawson…Waratah And Wattle. πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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  2. The line “Knowing our worth and purpose
    anchors us when times are tough” rings so true. Unfortunately a lesson I have learnt later in life…if only I could talk to my younger self! Lol

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          1. well metal statues and monuments are very expensive so our local government here settles for cheaper material.. sometimes it made me sad because i can see headless monuments /statues.. you could imagine that..

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            1. then it becomes a waste of public monies, ours might be dearer in the first place but many have been standing now at least 30-40 years … so the cost is reasonable for that durability .. maybe when you’re mayor you can campaign for it πŸ™‚

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            2. just seen news headlines that PM is proposing more city statues and bollards to guard against these car attacks … not ideal motivation and then they will hinder emergency services when needed in the malls eg fire engines, ambulance, etc … for and against with everything 😦


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