in a Jiffy

story 1
Just back from the shops when I remembered what I had forgotten. Was jumping into the car when hubby called out“what’s up” I replied “back in a jiffy” and off I sped. Had ordered three tickets but didn’t want them posted home or he would have been onto me. As it was meant to be a surprise I had to collect them today by close of business and I was cutting it fine in peak hour.

But get them I did so this weekend he and his best mates could go to the cricket match and we would be saved from their ritual around the big screen. We girls were fed up with being their waitresses so we had something else planned but more about that later …

story 2
We were watching that real scary movie, not my choice but isn’t that what you do at pyjama parties. Lizzy had invited us and it was her choice after all. I was trying to be cool while my heart was thumping and I just wanted to close my eyes and ears … that creepy music is too intense.

Then I got the idea to go to the toilet. How long could I waste in there before they’d miss me. Managed a good while, seemed like half an hour but might have only been five minutes, before someone was banging on the door. “In a jiffy”I called out, not keen to leave the room. Hoping they would go away and that nobody would realise I was gone so long.

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  1. Jiffy is such a fun word! More fun than moment, second, minute or instant! 😀
    And you use jiffy well in your life, Kate! Great stories, both of them! 🙂
    I love horror films! 😮 Especially the old Hitchcock films!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. HA! I would let you pick the movie! 🙂
        When I go to movies with friends, watch movies at home with friends, I always let them pick the movie…I’m just enjoying my time with them! I’ll watch any movie once! 😀

        PS…when watching a scary movie, I often squeeze the body parts of the person sitting next to me when I get scared! 😮 But, I warn them ahead of time that I am a squealer and a squeezer! 😉 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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