our earthly elements

water land trees

water land clouds

water bush sky

awesome nature

ocean views

have just discovered how to do such photo presentations so have recycled previous photos to give a varied view on this weeks topic .. had fun doing it

WPC: Elemental



  1. Looks very much like east coast of Australia. A friend rang me yesterday from Brisbane and said she is moving to the Gold Coast. Everyone seems to do the Byron Bay hippy thing these days. I need to have darkness and light. Due to get out of this scar of a city again soon.

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          1. Doesn’t matter really. Life on life’s terms. I have a long history. I am always with me and I am okay with that for today. I have been around the world a few times and been good places and bad places. Wind is blowing steong here right now πŸ€”πŸ˜„

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              1. From the little I have followed him I would tend to agree. Hypocrisy is rife these days. Very few will sacrifice in the age of capitalism.

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              2. Sounds like Andrew Demetriou as CEO of the AFL for 14 years. The most disgusting capitalists often get rich preaching leftist idealism to everyone else.

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              3. don’t know sporting people so you made me look him up .. hypocrites we need to be aware and beware of … for they manipulate too many purely for their own gain …


              4. It is an area of life. The laws of principle can bleed across to the sacred or profane. Judge not lest we be judged.
                Enjoy your weekend πŸ˜„

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