Meeting Miriam

Today I had the huge privilege to meet fellow blogger Miriam and the two men in her life. Her daughter and sister were not physically present but joined us by phone … this is one tight and loving family. Miriam is more kind, warmer and friendlier than most can imagine. We had a delightful beach walk, chat and then lunch in a local café. Good food and very congenial company really made my week, or month, or …

Am most grateful to Daniel, her son, who encouraged her to get onto WP as she enjoys writing so much … her posts are well worth reading as she shares stunning photos of Australia with interesting dialogue and worthy messages. She will be posting in the next few weeks about her trip up through central Australia and back down the coast. Which is how we met on her way back south.

Have met a couple of other bloggers but Miriam is the first WP blogger that I connected with online to meet in person and I can only encourage people to connect those dots and meet up.

We discussed many things amongst them my next big adventure … regular readers may be aware that I claimed to be settled in oz … that my travels would now be internal rather than abroad. Sorry but an amazing opportunity has arisen to lead meditations and discussion groups overseas so my passport is renewed, bag is being packed and I jet off in a few weeks.

They have paid for my ticket and will give me food and accommodation there, so no payment but a fabulous opportunity to share my skills with like-minded people. But this does mean that in a few weeks my posts will cease for some months … online distractions don’t mix well with a meditative environment. Will still call my elderly mother but other IT contact will be nominal if any … my Mac will stay at home and I’ve not really graduated from my analogue phone.

Would expect to start posting again sometime in December but quite looking forward to being off air too … love my time out and I know I will be super busy as the timetable starts at 5.30 am and wont finish until after 10pm … and some nights in November sleep will be very nominal.

Am so excited, details are not necessary so please be patient as I make preparations.



  1. Good luck on your new exciting adventure. You have so much to share. I’m glad you have the opportunity to do so. Will miss your posts while you will be away. Make sure you don’t leave it too long before returning!

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  2. I’m so happy you had such a wonderful meet up with Miriam 😊 And big congratulations on your upcoming opportunity! How exciting and I hope you enjoy every minute of that. Looking forward to hearing about it all when you’re back!!

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    1. probably no need share much of it Jennifer, meditating and the tiredness/exhaustion, essential to bring down our defences are very internal processes not something that can be expressed well 🙂


  3. Thank you for the post on meeting Miriam. I will definitely check her blog.
    Good wishes for your travel and stay. I am sure you will enjoy it. No internet is a good policy but will you be able to take pictures? Hope it is not a no camera policy too 😀 Looking forward to see some pictures and read wonderful verses when you are back.

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  4. Miriam is a great blogger that I need to keep up with more – best wishes for your new adventure I hope it’s rewarding and it sounds amazing. We’ll look forward to your return 🙂

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  5. I am so thrilled and happy about you meeting up with Mirriam..i can only her posts and photos of Australia.

    And i wanna say goodluck on your journey…you will be misaed here but i am sure you will come back better abd wiser.

    I will personally miss your humor and the wisdom underneath..

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              1. great idea, they only exist in very rural areas here as the large supermarkets are squeezing everyone out 😦
                You will do well in your store as you are so warm and friendly they’ll stop by just to chat and then have to buy something 🙂
                We have one of those giant ocean liners parked out front better go and get a few shots 🙂


              2. Grocery stores are in demand here Kate ; as most people can’t really afford to go to big supermarkets and buy by bulk…that’s why i thought of putting up ia currently on going and it will be completely finished soon.

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  6. Hello Kate,
    Where to start first!!
    Well, I’m truly so happy you were able to meet Miriam and some of her family in person. Isn’t she just beautiful to talk to!
    I am also so excited for this new adventure and opportunity of taking meditation and discussion groups…It sounds amazing and we understand it requires time away.
    Wishing you every happiness in such a profound and important lifestyle calling.
    Hugs from Di 💐💐✨✨

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    1. thanks so much Di, glad you added your voice and well wishes … would be so nice to meet many more of our cyber clan, Miriam is so delightful, as we all are but meeting in the person deepens the connection 🙂

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      1. Oh yes, I was very thrilled to add my voice Kate. This chance for you sounds utterly amazing….and I’m so happy for you.
        And yes, we all are, most certainly and it’s so comforting to learn that people are as warm as their words when we meet them face to face…

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  7. Sounds absolutely wonderful, Kate. Enjoy your time abroad without the distractions of technology. Ah, the peace. Thanks for the intro to Miriam – these blogging friendships are as real as any friendships and it’s a treat to meet face to face. Happy Travels.

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  8. Very excited for you and the future experiences ahead. The blogging world will certainly miss you (personally) as well as all your thought enticing posts. Any blogger worth having as a friend will certainly be patient with your absence and just as welcoming upon your return (whenever that time arrives.)

    Safe travels and much enjoyment. I have always believed the WEALTHIEST PEOPLE in the world are those whose lives are abundant in EXPERIENCES and LIVING LIFE. I consider you a pretty wealthy person!

    Find your BALANCE and please share your experiences (if you choose to) with us. We, too, would like to add WEALTH to our lives! 🙂

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  9. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you Kate and yet another highlight of my six week trip. My two fellas enjoyed meeting you as well. Daniel in particular found you quite intriguing.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful neighborhood and writing such a warm and thoughtful post. It was great getting to know you better. I will miss your thought provoking words in the next few months when I settle back into normality.

    In the meantime I wish you all the best for your upcoming journey and preparations. Safe travels my friend. xo

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    1. Yes, it was so wonderful to meet you all and be able to share even more .. and Daniel is a very special young man, well brought up 🙂
      am so excited about my trip, just praying that the financials come together ..

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  10. How wonderful that you and Miriam were able to meet up. I’ve been an admirer of her and her writing for quite some time. Your meditation trip sounds like quite an adventure. I am sure that the Universe has some surprises in store, as you share your gift with others. You may just come up with more brilliant ideas with less IT interference. Enjoy!

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    1. my poetry arose when I had some years off air, it is most worthwhile I’d strongly suggest everyone try it … but this time I will be responsible to a lot of people so very different role 🙂

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  11. Wow!!! How amazing! One, that you met a fellow WP blogger in person, and two, for your exciting opportunity to lead meditation and discussion groups! All the best!!! We’ll miss you while you’re “off air” but I have no doubt you’ll have AMAZING tales to tell once you’re back x

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