The gate of opportunity stood guarded by lions with shields
waiting for us to open it and enter the sandstone courtyard
for the old colonial home offered every possibility and more
if only we would to venture through its magical door

How many times have we passed this precious gate
oblivious to all it offers, missing opportunities in our rush
to nowhere real important, head and heart preoccupied
with busyness blinding us to its very existence …

daily prompt: Gate



  1. Most folks are curious about what lies beyond the gate, but few will enter even if there were a sign saying, “Come on In.” You’ve expanded my thoughts. Christ has said, “I am the door, come on in.” Yet the invitation is often met with trepidation. See, calmkate, I told you, you make me think outside the box. 😀

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  2. It seemed to me that i missed a lot of precious gates latelt Kate…haven’t entered them nor tried…my busy mommy schedule has prevented me from doing so…but i have to tell you i got really huge and beautiful gate…

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