edible produce

Fruit and veg are my staple diet
garnished with protein substitutes
such as dhal, pine nuts and tofu
for meat is unpalatable to me

After seeing animals killed on the street
and hung in the sun to drain their blood
shimmering black as flies feasted
nausea made me sick to the stomach

So farmers markets provide more edible
produce as supermarkets use too many toxins
to grow harvest and preserve their tasteless
perfect looking produce laced with additives

So buy and cook fresh for more edibleness
Skip the supermarkets and prepackaged foods
get yourself healthy by eating much better
it will energise you to be fit and strong

Daily Prompt: Edible



  1. Grow your own and outgrowth your life is what comes to my mind after reading yours. Very nice.

    My short story in an year 70% of the time we are vegetarian.
    For ex:
    1. Tuesday and Thursday we will be completely vegetarian- That makes 104 days in an year

    2. Monsoon season – 30 days we will be vegetarian. Reason animals breed and we don’t eat non veg

    3. All Major Hindu festivals irrespective of what day it falls we will be vegetarian

    And personally
    4. I fast three days in an year.

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    1. yes home grown is the ideal .. very impressed that some grocery stores will sell locally grown our supermarkets have a monopoly so we have to visit specialised weekly or monthly farmers markets to buy local produce πŸ™‚

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