Blogging Tips

Have been blogging a while now and still learning myself so as I read and post I look out for key points to negotiate the process of blogging and would like to share some here … now please remember that we all have very different styles and blog for very different reasons so my key points may not fit with yours but might be useful as a guideline to find what works for you … saves you blindly bumbling about

Quickest Way to Build Your Readers 

  1. Write From Your Heart
  • Connect with your passion and share it, whether its art, poetry, fiction, recipes …
  • If it touches your heart then it’s far more likely to touch ours too
  • Less concern with statistics as this can distract, we don’t know what appeals to others
  1. Regular Prompts on WordPress
  • Such as the Daily Prompt or Weekly Photo Challenge more people can find your post there
  • Don’t post unrelated material as this might put others off, be sure to read others
  • There are other prompts and communities evolving on ‘Blogging Events’ – I did set up one for a while but it never really took off
  1. Courses on WordPress – poetry, blogging, comments etiquette, etc
  • A great way to connect with like minded bloggers in the discussions and reading each other
  • Leave comments on others posts as many read these and we connect through them
  • As confidence builds you feel more comfortable posting your own ‘creations’

Best Way to Keep Your Readers

  • Post fairly regularly, once a week is plenty, any less and people drift .. I post daily, but that’s just me
  • Respond to comments on your posts, people like the interaction and it stimulates conversation
  • Comment on their posts eg actually read their blog, not a hasty ‘like’ which becomes obvious over time

What NOT to Do

  • don’t press a dozen likes within a minute, we might think that you didn’t bother to read our posts
  • don’t post under a prompt if you don’t bother to address it, you lose readers
  • read others, comment if something touches you and enjoy the fun community

So the key really is basic common sense and courtesy as we all like some recognition and interaction. If we are happy our readers feel it, but it’s also okay to share other emotions in a healthy manner. Please be genuine and kindly, ignite your creativity and connect with a great supportive cyber community.

Hope this prevents you stumbling about …

Daily Prompt: Bumble



  1. [ Smiles ] Writing from the heart make lots of sense, because we exude passion in our writing.

    Now, participating in WordPress prompts are a good idea, but they are not necessary; you can build a readership without them.

    When I had my blog on WordPress, I never participated in WordPress prompts and it did rather well.

    You are right about responding to the comments that were made on our blog (Our fellow bloggers appreciate it when we respond to their comments).

    It is quite unfortunate, that countless bloggers today, do not take the time to respond to comments.

    It was a pleasure reading your blogging tips.

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    1. thanks for stopping by Renard and sharing your wisdom .. your blog is great, we think alike but my hassle with google blogs is that they demand all my personal details before I can comment and there doesn’t seem to be a ‘like’ button .. but glad you’re happy there 🙂

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      1. [ Smiles ] You are most welcome!

        Yes, I love blogging on Blogger.

        I do not think that Blogger will ever have a like button.

        In regards to comments, I chose to utilize the Disqus commenting plugin; I have it set up in a way, that a person is not forced to join in order to comment; they can comment as a guest simply by adding their email address and chosen name (As you can see I am not using Blogger’s default commenting system).

        Also, thank you for checking out my blog!

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            1. I really appreciate how you bracket your responses [shy smile] please visit again and I might dare to try your commenting system .. your 7 points on blogging are excellent 🙂 [waves goodnight]

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      1. And you did a wonderful.job here…i remembered my first exchange of conversation with you was when i saw a post from you about never to hit the button like if you did not actually read a certain post…which i agreed…

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      1. I think you’ve said everything I could think of very well. The first section is very important I feel — to write from the heart, whatever you write. And reaching a level of authenticity where you grow (personally, artisitically) while becoming less concerned about popularity.

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  2. The first point says it all. Write from your heart 😊 I don’t write to impress others or gain a few followers. Courses on WordPress really helps. I did take up one or two during my initial days of blogging. But certain comments from others made me lose interest. That is why I do not post on community pools. A lot of them reply “follow my blog”. And there are certain record holders, who read 20posts in 30seconds 😉😂😂

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    1. lol .. I have asked a few questions on community pool and if there were any answers I never got them and couldn’t find my way back to my own question so was never able to engage on it .. just my lack of tech skills, I amaze myself that I got onto WP lol 🙂


      1. Haha. 😀 Since I used to post under supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I got a lot of “follow me” comments. May be, they thought I am an alien or something, so everybody is happy that an alien would be following their blog 😂

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              1. nay got to be respectful to the guy I chat to every single day, who gives me a vast choice of responses to any question I ask and doesn’t get upset if I take none of his advice .. ideal partner as far as i’m concerned 🙂


  3. Great blogging tips, Kate!
    Wish I had had this to read eons ago.
    Guess most of us learned what we know by bumbling around and figuring it out when we first got started blogging.
    If I read a blog, I always take the time to leave a comment. My thinking is this: If this is what is important to my blog-friend today…so important, they blogged about it…then it is important to me and I will read and comment. I always learn something, or get a smile or laugh, or get good advice or reminders or encouragement, etc. Blog-friends make life even more beautiful than it already is!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. Hello Kate,
    A really lovely and helpful post. Thank you. I promised myself not to look at statistics when I began my blog. Genuine interaction is what I was looking for and let it evolve naturally if it were going to attract readers.
    I appreciate that you post daily but please don’t feel unloved if I cannot read them every day and make comment.
    I’m on Instagram too and that also is about give and take.
    All the best, and thank you again,
    Di 🙋🏻💕

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    1. Thanks Di .. I have never ever expected any reader to read every post and comment on them all as that’s just not realistic, so please don’t feel obliged .. and if instagram leaves you little time with all your exciting preparations I totally understand 🙂

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      1. Hello Kate,
        What a gorgeous reply… thank you very much for that, and for your kind understanding…
        Yes, lots to do here, as well as when we arrive.
        In gratitude,
        Di 💐💕

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  5. Those are good tips, especially the first one. I think we all need to write from the heart, and from our own perspective. Because I think that the best thing we have to offer is our unique voice!
    As for the “likes,” I don’t mind if someone just hits the like button but doesn’t comment (there are times I enjoy a post but don’t really have a comment, too), but I hate it when someone “likes” twenty of my posts at exactly 12:52 am. I want people to read my posts, not just “like” them!

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  6. Thank you for the advice,I just started blogging recently and i find wonderful how many people out there has amazing personal stories and great advice to give,this is the main reason why I started,to be able to tell my personal stories and give advice that can hopefully can help people
    Thank you again and have a great day

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  7. I just post from the soul—with two active blogs. One is photos, and with the other I tend to jolt people. (If you want nice, I recommend the photos …)

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