Our mental chatter speeds non-stop
with constant busyness we inflate
most things out of proportion
exaggerating and twisting the facts

Easier to fabricate our own fantasies
an ingrained habit used to avoid
accepting reality that conflicts
with our distorted expectations

It stirs our emotions causing pain
yet we act insane allowing it full reign
until eventually we self destruct as it erupts
creating harm to those around

So why do we give this savage such power
why not try to gain more mind control
by stopping the destructive mental activity
slow it down by finding your inner calm

Daily Prompt: Savage



      • It’s that slippery slope again. He did something horrible to me almost two weeks ago, then tried to get to me several times over the next few days to do the same thing again, but I ignored the doorbell. He’s not contacting me at the moment – waiting for me to cool down, so he can give me a repeat performance. I have to keep out of his way. If he gets to me he always wins one way or another.
        It’s not the worst thing he’s ever done, but it was cold and premeditated. I was shocked though not surprised. The addict in him despises me.

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  1. Your poems always bring calm and πŸ™‚ ‘s!

    Some people only think about calm, relaxing, “healing” and slowing down their mind and body when they are on holiday or vacation. When we should learn to soothe the savage “beast” all year round.
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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