Pine nuts are such a moorish snack
or mixed nuts taken in a small pack
good for protein which a vego might lack

Am typing this on a mac
but lack the skills to hack
thankfully typing is on track

Rhyming is a real knack
not my job or I’d get the sack
Poetry books piled in a stack

Domestically opposed I avoid the vac
excuses aplenty, it might damage my back
dirty dishes piled in their rack

Think I’m joking, then you’re the wack

daily prompt:  Snack



  1. Loved it, especially the Vac, you should come to this House. My snack one could say is popping pain killers, liquid Morphine and Baileys, the latter tastes good. Kate, another apology (what else), Saturday hope to get Part One off to you, want to include some pics I can’t do it don’t know how so my youngest Son will do that. Thanks for putting up with me poppet.

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