Sunny State

I live in Queensland known as the sunny state
but also lived in the freezing Himalayas, my fate
My war-damaged father cured me of ever being late
an odd father but kind man he was everyone’s mate

Ne’er a harsh word about anyone, he had no hate
so good to others meant he never had a spate
Although a thyroid condition made him over weight
Whenever I had a date he waited by the front gate

For he knew what lads might try with his Kate
none of them measured up, they just didn’t rate
although he became partial to surfer Nat
who turned out so cute he was gay bait

Daily Prompt:  Sunny



  1. made me remember how my father would sit down and pretend to read newpaper while a guy is visiting me at home….one time..another boy (when we were teenagers) literally jump off the window simply upon hearing his voice..
    And oh ..the thyroid…i had complete thyrodectomy kate…and i binded by this hormone replacement pill for life..
    But lucky me i guess…i am able to maintain reasonable weight…through running and yoga

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks for the compliment James, think it’s called Kate’s style 🙂
      I did do the poetry course when i first started blogging and learned about the different types. Enjoyed trying them all but these poems are purely my own invention, note lack of punctuation and few capitals … doubt they are even correct English 🙂
      Maybe a real poet can provide a more intelligent answer, please anyone?


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