Never sure ….
if I should turn up the volume about burning issues
or lower the volume to caress and heal others

Prefer to read …
each volume of a series, especially about Harry P
or skip further volumes if a series doesn’t appeal

Or debate the issue …
if the house tank has enough water for a dry summer
or call in the tankers to top up the volume

Daily Prompt: Volume



  1. My sis in NZ has same issues…that is, calling the people to top up water tank if dry months occur. I am thankful to have free flowing tap water. Sending you rain clouds🌧🌦🌨so you need not buy too much water for use.😊

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    1. lol not me at this moment .. also have running tap water which I needed after years of carting all water used in India 🙂 Just used it as an example, we too had to pay for carted water when I lived in NZ and maybe I will when I finally get right off grid … but not for now 🙂

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