there is man made order
from neatly packed shelves, flower plantings and architectual delights


then there is natural order
from cloud formations to perfectly symmetrical flowers

order - 1

how we ‘place our orders’
for food, lattes or any service

then there is imposed order
like laws and social mores

some are very pleasing visually but others jar as chaos beckons

what ‘order’ pleases you and which ones irritate?

WPC:  Order



    1. no no I get that Oneta .. went to a funeral last week where they had a slide show of Beryl’s life and made me appreciate lack of order as it weaved in and out of early days and later years 🙂

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      1. Yes Kate…my home is Mediterranean inspired house….and yes everything is in perfect order…and it feels good…good because you don’t neeed to scream on top.of your lungs to look for even spare keys…or even the simple sewing kit…which most moms do..

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          1. And leave their stellar minion status?? Heck no!! They are fluent in mom snark and have mastered the fine art of the deadpan stare in response to a ridiculous momment (a mom comment). Who wouldn’t want that?? I’m 😉

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love looking at all those colors!

    When my oldest was 4 years old, I went into his bedroom and organized everything using containers, labels, shelves, etc. After I was all done and so proud of myself, he said, “Mom, I liked it better when it was a bit messy.” Ha! 😀 But, as a man he keeps things orderly and clean, and his wife appreciates it, and him. 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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