Bird Chat

Enjoyed a nice long cycle this morning and these a few of the critters I clicked along the way …. let me know if you want to see more?

These gulls with prime real estate
think that they rule the world
White right and arrogant no matter

BC - 1

This one is Elle of the bird world
lingering by the shore she’s tall
elegant and thin with fine feathered lingerie


This colourful lorikeet lives in a tree ghetto
with a happy boisterous community
loud full of fun freedom and chatter

$%? $%? $%?

Lorikeets are coloured but gulls don’t dominate
them making laws they may or may not enforce

Elegant Elle haunts the shores all alone
too beautiful rich and famous to find a mate

Arrogant gulls fight amongst themselves
oblivious of others they leave a real mess




  1. Whoa! Terrific photos. the first with the gulls and the foaming waves coming in was perfect and then the next, calm, beautiful heron? What a beauty. And the lorikeets. Wow, that’s the first I’ve ever heard of them. Just beautiful. Loved your descriptions. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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      1. Yeah, I got a new post in the works, but it’s gonna be another week. Sigh. The “other” woman in my life, my novel’s protagonist, demands that I keep writing…gaaaa. 🙂

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  2. Kate these photos are so beautiful! Your bike ride sounds like it was just amazing. I’m glad you blogged about it after you said you were going to go 😊 Your descriptions of the birds is great too!

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  3. What beautiful birds! Your photos are lovely! Thank you for taking us along with you!
    I’d enjoy seeing more! And I loved your descriptions!
    Bird watching is so much fun! And we can learn a lot from them!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. yes, the lorikeets were a real bonus as I’d stop to take a photo of the island, liked the tree, felt I was being watched, looked up and there they were a whole chattering community. Took a while to get some good shots as they were so busy fluttering about but did get a few good ones!

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  4. Yes Kate, I saw him and he was so thorough he really was he mentioned a chipped bone and muscle problem, in fact he was so thorough I have been in dreadful agony since seeing him. It can’t be helped the Dr said that the specialist exacerbated the situation. Sunday just gone had to go to Colchester Hospital for ultrasound, they as well were so thorough I was there just short of an hour being scanned, my youngest Son came with me when I got off the table I could not walk at all and he found a wheelchair, I hated it. Monday morning phoned the Consultant to say I had the scan and they will now send me out an appointment re the results and treatment, can take three weeks. Saw my Dr yesterday and he admitted “I don’t know what to do for you”, just keep taking the Morphine (with Brandy or whats there!). So thats the news.

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  5. Kate, you could say that when I saw my own Dr yesterday and he said what he did I said in response to him “you are completely at a loss as what to do” to which he said “yes I am” – that’s good for me while my leg goes into spasm in the bath (I can’t shower as I can’t stand for long) and my Sons have to help me in the bath, it should not be. You will see from a blog I am about to do how I don’t help myself. I cleaned the ovens out, why? I have no sense, paying for it now.

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