I love the sensation as the plane descends to land
And wonder how many of us will descend to the hells
Too many descend to the depths of dark depression

Gee descending conjures up some heavy stuff
Think I prefer the term to ascend … to take off,
to heaven, or a much healthier state

Daily Prompt:  Descend – my photo of descending Mount Cader Idris in Wales



  1. Much food for thought in this poem! Thank you, Kate!
    Yes, I prefer ascending over descending (emotionally). I wish for those who battle depression to have some relief…some way to find an even keel.
    On planes, I prefer take offs to landings. 🙂
    One time, flying into Los Angeles, the plane landed on the runway hard…really hard. One of the flight attendants came on the speaker and said, “We just hit LA.” Everyone laughed kinda’ nervously. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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