What is a ‘farce’?
An absurdity, a travesty or sham,
pretence or charade, a real joke

Now let’s look at some of our farces?
Not looking after our own health
Overspending, getting into big debt

Spending too much time on line
We don’t have enough human interaction
Politicians claiming they work for us?

I am sure you can think of many more
Please post them below so we can all share
… things we need to be more authentic about?

 Daily Prompt:  Farce 



  1. Being told we stress out too much then being taxed and raided by the same people.

    Spending money we’ve earned on the means to get to work so we can earn money.

    Spending time going to the same place every day to do the same thing.

    Society is a farce! 🙂

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  2. People who say everyone should be able to be themselves/be their true self…and then those same people judge, criticize and bully others. 😦

    I heard a quote that said, “Don’t surrender your life to a face, a farce, a fence or a force. Don’t be a slave. Be brave.” 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. I really like that quote, may use it if that’s okay?
      I wrote a poem called ‘slave’ warning people to be wary of where we place our energy, what we enslave ourselves to … so important.

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              1. none at all, every time I ask him anything he gives me a huge range of choices almost immediately and best of all I can take his advise or leave it with no hard feelings either side … ideal man to have in your life! 🙂

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