Queasy with Qualms?

If you have qualms about anything maybe you should listen
for I believe they are intuitive warnings that something is amiss

Whatever is happening may be against your core values
or somehow internally you know something is not quite right

So if qualms do arise might be wiser to give it a miss
Better to be safe than risk disturbing your inner balance

What do qualms mean to you?

Daily Prompt:  Qualm



  1. Very interesting post! I think qualms have kept me out of a lot of trouble. I’ve always felt, intuited, that a situation was not good for me–in any sense of the word. I would have qualms, yes indeed. And then get away–fast.

    The one arena where I wish I had had qualms was with my relationships with women. Between ages 21 – 60 I made some poor choices that got me into one mess after another–some were total disasters. But I survived and finally met the lady, not of my dreams, but of my soul.
    Thank you Calmkate for such a mindful post.

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    • yes sadly Paul relationships is where too many make poor choices and the emotional and material toll is huge …. listening to our gut instincts can save us from many a personal disaster! Glad you met your soul mate, and such an interesting one …:)

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