Sweet or Bitter?

Sweet sour spicy and bitter
are our main flavours
those into cooking know
how to enhance such tempting tastes

Or people can become bitter
soured by life they struggle
to see beauty amongst
their hardships and strife

Just as with cooking
we can choose which flavour
we focus our energy on
sweet and spicy are my choices

What’s yours?

Daily Prompt:  Bitter



  1. Well said, Kate. Sometimes, I wonder why people are in a cocoon, always rude and complaining – bitter experiences in life. But, bitter experiences are supposed to make them strong and good-natured, not rude, isn’t it? I too prefer sweet and spicy – food or life. I am soft-spoken except when angry – when angry, I burn like red-hot coal 😀

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    • ouch, i can feel it from here … i used to fire up also but have been working on that for years … it’s nicer, easier to be calmer .. the friends and roads are safer for it!


      • I have managed to reduce my temper. Actually I think our temper, our moods have a lot to do with the month we were born in. Most of those who were born in summers have a bad temper. The ones born in winters are calmer than the rest. May be not true everywhere or with everyone.

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    • ah salty David … hope your wife does the cooking? lol But what you say makes a lot of sense … don’t take any of it too seriously because it will pass!


  2. I’m a sweet and spicy person as well. Emotionally, bitter occasionally makes its presence when debating health care professionals that choose to use facial expressions rather than reference sources to condescendingly dismiss my positions. To add (sort of) humor to the debate is sometimes becomes necessary to admit my lack of clarity regarding the M.D. credentials. I apologize for being misinformed and believing the letter stood for “Myopic” and “Dimentia.” It seemed to fit the characterization I was debating against. Everyone usually laughs (except the individual debating me.) It usually costs me lunch to make amends! 🙂

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