Better Blogging

Suggestions for Better Blogging
Point is that if we are blogging for ourselves then it doesn’t really matter!
Personally I feel it is about communicating and interacting just as much as the posting so when I follow I do read your posts, or most of them for those who post several a day. When I ‘like’ them I mean it and my comments are genuine.

Clues for Engagement – If you want to attract my interest best way is to comment on my posts … that way we get to know each other and build a relationship.

Do you have any questions for me?

Honest Feedback for My Regulars

What do you like about my blog?

What do you enjoy about my posts?

How can I improve either my blog or my posts?

What would you like to see more of?


Following my post “Apprenticeships” Simon, David and others kindly offered me assistance … so here are my more technical questions to improve my blogging …

WordPress Forums … I have posted a few questions but if anyone did answer I have NO idea … in that I didn’t get any notification and had NO idea how to find my question again. When I have opened topics on the forum there seems to be 2-5 answers and then a notice that the topic is closed.

So did I miss something? Are there any open general discussions to participate in?

Joining Posts – can I join two or three of my posts and retain the corresponding likes and comments from each of them?

Daily Prompt:  Better – thanks heaps everyone!



  1. I rather struggled to understand this post. If it’s a Q&A session, I’d be able to follow it better if the Qs had a Q (or something like that) next to them and the As had an A by them.
    I like where you said “Point is that if we are blogging for ourselves then it doesn’t really matter!” – that resonates strongly with me. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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  2. Hi Kate, I enjoy the variety of your posts and topics and I love your style of writing. For me, like you, if I ‘like’ then it genuinely means I’ve read it snd I’ll usually leave a comment. But many don’t. I’ve had people like up to 10 posts on my blog in less than a minute. That’s when I know they’re just pressing it for the sake of it, which means nothing. Better blogging is not just about writing but communicating and interacting. 🙂

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  3. Honest feedback : I like your posts. I like your blog and your writing style because 1. Your have a unique writing style 🙂 2. You bring in a lot of variety in your posts. I like the way you write poems about anything and everything (daily prompts and all that).
    I agree with you, comments are a better way to engage with fellow bloggers. That way, you even get to know them a bit. Having said that, there are times when there is nothing to comment. And some are not comfortable with commenting so they usually prefer to like (they do read your posts).
    I have no idea about the other two questions. 😀

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  4. About joining multiple posts and their likes (and possibly comments), I am not sure if it is possible to merge the them; merging the content is simply copying and pasting though. However, people say everything is stored in the server. If that is correct and if a blogger has the necessary access to the server, then combining comments and likes seem a possibility. The problem remains as it is: I don’t know how to combine. I will let you know if I find anything. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    • thanks el Paso … copy and pasting to merge is easy but you say are right, we don’t have access to the server to preserve the comments. Appreciate your help, you have a good weekend too, we have much needed rain here.

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  5. I like your posts, I like how they come from the heart, from experience, there’s plenty of variety and not just in topic, there’s narrative, poetry, and more. I can’t yet see a way to say there’s a specific change or inclusion I’d ask for.

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  6. I read and like your posts Kate because you are honest. In the very beginning I think we had this “English/Australian thing” you know what I mean? I have always liked the way you are straightforward and admire you for your energy and way of life and all you set your mind to. When it comes to the blogging I hope people read what I put I just don’t want to have ticks, I read others posts and if like tick them honestly. Too many “write” and all they want is to have the biggest amounts of “likes” that does not interest me, I write to be honest and I find your blogs Kate of great interest.

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  7. Hi, Kate, given that I’ve had the pleasure of reading/commenting on previous posts, I’m confident that you know what compels me to read your wonderful offerings 🙂 So, in that spirit, I will read/comment on something I haven’t yet seen 🙂

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  8. Hello Kate,
    A very interesting and well thought out post.
    I enjoy the fact that you can cover some deep issues and say your piece all in a poetic way. I’ve never come across this before so you are very unique.
    As a pretty new blogger, I was fascinated by the comments from Miriam about how many likes and comments arrive on each post. I aim to not let it get to me but I agree with Rekha that people find it a difficulty adding their thoughts. I’ve heard that directly from people.
    I hope this helps a little and keep up your lovely engagement here Kate 💐🌟🌟


    • thanks heaps Di, I always appreciate your genuine warm comments! Glad I asked these questions so that I could learn … My preference for poetry is that it makes me be more concise, if I ranted about such topics I doubt anyone would read let alone follow.

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      • You’re very welcome Kate. I’ve finally caught up with some of your other posts too. Wonderful work💐
        Thank you also for your kind words… they mean a lot today 💕

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  9. I enjoy reading whatever you share/write, Kate! You share a variety of topics….and what you write is always interesting or fun or helpful or thought-provoking.
    And this post is filled with good ideas about better blogging! 🙂
    I started blogging about 11 or 12 years ago on another blog site. When they started charging $ and didn’t improve the blog site, I found WordPress.
    I began blogging to share my writing, to read other’s writing, to connect with people and to make friends. It has been a joy!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  10. Hi ya! I get what you’re trying say here and the answer isn’t straight forward in some ways. The best advice I can give is be you, be real and keep posts to the point and not dragging on.

    As for the forum – sounds pretty crap you can’t keep up with it.

    I don’t think you can join posts together with likes and all that. You could create a post that links them but that’s it i think.

    I hope that’s helpful and I’m still up for helping you when you’re ready 😊

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  11. I posted a question on WordPress forum once and was notified when someone answered it. I think when you post the question you have to click that you want notifications of any answers. But that was almost two years ago, and it might be different now.

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    • ah thank you Ann .. no one has addressed that question! I doubt I clicked that notification so that’s why I never heard back, thanks. But it really doesn’t seem like a discussion forum … maybe I was spoilt doing TED Conversations.

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