Panic Attacks

Regulars will know that I like to play with words but this one holds a depth of pain for far too many.

Panic is not something I really know but I’ve watched too many debilitated by panic attacks.

They know the theory well that it’s all in their mind but that doesn’t stop the overwhelming paralysis that strikes each time. Frozen they struggle to move or speak for it renders them totally weak.

Techniques abound but each person needs to find their own ‘fix’. Main thing is to weaken their impact, less frequently, less strong and be reassured that they will come out the other side.

So rather than write my usual poem I decided to alert those not in the know to how others get panicked. Patience and kindness is needed to support them during an attack.

Daily Prompt:  Panicked



  1. Thanks for this info Kate..never knew panic attacks could all be just in mind…your explanation made sense. .
    my family and I are in transit right now…travelling ..summer vacation. .so I can’t get a descent Internet connection. .I will get back on your interview as soon as I am back home with my laptop..

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  2. Thank you so much for writing this.
    I have a panic disorder and yes I do know that the fear that paralizes me is all in my head. It is so very comforting to read that someone out there without a panic disorder knows that we cannot just tell the fear to go away sometimes. That we do know the fear is not real but that our brain paralizes us.
    Thank you for understanding.

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  3. Absolutely. I’ve been on both ends of panic attacks, more recently comforting my 16yo son who experienced one. Having had a few myself years back I know how real, and debilitating, they can be. I still occasionally have to fight against them.

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      1. No need to apologise Kate. I’m okay and manage the occasional attacks now before they take hold. And my son’s much better too. A few years ago it was really bad but we’ve helped him through it.

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  4. I never understood panic attacks until people close to me shared their experiences. I am amazed at the experiences they have and then the aftermath. Thanks for the reminder and for highlighting it.

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    1. I have never heard of a plausible cause, they are attributed to nerves, anxiety, etc. But being paralysed is highly significant it could have triggered something off … I have absolutely NO medical training at all so sorry I can’t help Casey. How is it with the paralyse now?

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          1. Yes I rolled my truck into the Logan Utah River my gun and my leg down so I had to break my own ankle then drag my lifeless body over the backseat of my truck and through the back window because it was shattered I passed out halfway out of my window then floated down the river about 50 yards! I’m so lucky to be alive they say I was in the ice cold water for over four hours

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            1. with that kind of trauma I am not surprised that you have started to have panic attacks … do you get flash backs also? That is heavy duty stuff, very glad you are alive to tell the story … was it in the media?

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              1. Yeah it was in the media they posted it all over the news papers saying that I was drunk driving before they even got the test results back from the doctors! I had people messaging me while I was in the hospital telling me that I deserve what I got… 😦

                my blood came back clean! They never retracted their article or apologized to me

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              2. wow that is very cruel … I immediately thought icy road. Amazing how they will make up a story just to sell their papers before even checking the facts … should be illegal!

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  5. Hi Kate,
    This and more generalised anxiety are a very rife feature of modern day life for so many unfortunately. A great post to bring awareness to this condition.
    Thank you 💐🌟🌟

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  6. unfortunately not all panic attacks are as recognisable. I don’t tend to be frozen in fear, I tend to go very quiet, stare and try to look as normal as I can. I usually check my pulse a lot if I feel panicky as well. Although it is a mental illness it comes with such horrible physical symptoms. I hope that one day I can control mine.

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