Lifestyle Choices

We all choose very different lifestyles
but none are right or wrong
Some may be healthier than others
but that is our very own choice

Nothing is forced upon us
so if you choose to drift
that is still your choice
not to make a deliberate decision

Lifestyles include our choice of home,
it’s location, our partners and our beliefs,
diet, sense of fashion, a budget or none,
our carbon footprint and how we react

I find a conscious choice of core values
to live by gives me purpose
As drifting with the masses
doesn’t sit comfortably with me

We should never judge others choices
because we have no idea what
circumstances led them there
Be fully aware if you choice to abide

By societal norms and mores
for they are dictated by those in control
of wars, finances, politics, media and more
Make defined choices and stay strong

Find like-minded people who support
positive warmth and kindness
Avoid those that drain or complain
for our life is far too short!

Daily Prompt:  Lifestyle



  1. I’m a lot like you, I won’t follow the crowd unless it’s what I really want to do and I often do things my own way and end up being criticized. It’s good to know this though – becasue it means you’re living your own life, making your own mistakes and walking your own path. 🙂
    Speak to you soon

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  2. I agree with Simon. I tend to often do things only if I want to. I’m often called stubborn because of that. But I really don’t want to do anything unless I really want to or have to. I’m not going to do something just because someone else is.

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  3. Your words resonated strongly with me Kate. I’m not one to follow the crowd and I gave up a long time ago judging others. No one knows what anyone else is going through. Take care xo

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  4. Words to live by, indeed. First know thyself, and then follow your passion — the former is equally as important as the latter, because any fool can be taken in by a passion based on ignorance and the lure of some “promised land” where everything you long for is yours for the following.

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  5. Excellent advice, wise words, Kate!
    Choices can make life difficult, but choices are, also, some of the best, most exciting things about life! Life IS too short, so I stay way from the complainers, drainers, judgers, etc.! I’m here to have fun! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. It takes experiencing LIFE to be able to write a piece like this. You demonstrate your ability to accept people for who they are without passing judgement. At the same time you recognize the importance of creating barriers to protect yourself from those whose personalities that may interfere with the nurturing path you desire.

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    1. yes I never rule them out but don’t seek their company … I learnt years ago that they don’t really want to change so I can’t help them in anyway. I will respond to their approach but don’t pursue their company, we are meant to be different and by embracing diversity we can choose who we spend more time with.

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  7. Hello Kate,
    A wonderful thought provoking post. And a topic I pondered last night after being ‘strongly’ advised that I should do something other than what I’m doing. It really upset me and I was emotional thinking about what makes me really content right now… and it’s what I’m doing already. It seems to cause some contention for others and I’m constantly justifying myself. As a softie, it can really hurt.
    Thank you for your post, Kate. I hope you don’t mind ‘deep’?

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    1. Sorry Di I am a bit lost with this comment and I never mind ‘deep’ I have a reputation for going where angels fear to tread! Do you mean you have been advised not to blog or are you referring to your employment? And who is ‘strongly’ advising you … do they have authority? Or should we chat by email? k

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      1. Oh sorry it’s not clear Kate. I’m glad you don’t mind deep.
        I’m always happy for an email or messenger chat. Thank you for the kind offer 💐🌟🌟🌟🌟

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