Danger Zones

Danger the housing bubble here is about to burst …
three guesses why I took this feature shot?

danger - 1

Danger this party might get voted in … would it be such a sin?

Eagles Nest 1

Danger the eagle nest is out of reach … does he compete with the cormorants for fish?

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Danger!



  1. Some people think the only dangers in Australia are sharks, spiders and snakes. We know better. I read recently that ants kill more people than the three Ss—mostly because of allergic reactions.

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  2. Great danger photos!
    A Kate St.! How cool!
    I’ve only lived in one (very large) city that had a street with my name. It was interesting that there was a whole neighbordhood with streets named with female names. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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