Are You in Control?

What is “addiction”?
Avoidance of reality, our very own fiction!
Anything that controls our life,
It can be fun things or may cause strife

It takes many forms
anything not done in moderation
Can be things against the norm
which makes it difficult to conform

Think about what is out of control …
How does it affect your life, your soul?
Why did you give it power?
Would stopping it make life less sour?

Live life in balance
Strengthen your talents
Give calm full range
You can make the change!

Don’t let unhealthy habits rule
You are precious, don’t be a fool!
Life is too short
so don’t get caught

With complications that fraught
give them the fling!
Moderate everything
makes life truly sing!

Change now, don’t get burnt!
Meditation can be learnt.
It’s about loving yourself
And caring for our health!


Daily Prompt:  Control



  1. Trouble is Kate, if something takes control of your life and you feel you have no fight left in you, and you are not getting any younger, how on earth do you learn to put yourself “in control”.

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    • thanks for that … as a meditator of many years I strongly suggest to start with ten minutes each day, building up to ten minutes twice each day. And only when that is stable do you increase it … too many start out with great intentions and don’t realise that all our rubbish comes up initially and can become overwhelmed. Or prolong a great session and then can’t find that time each day … stick to ten minutes!

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