Have found a passion for editing
both interviews and photos.
Can anyone apprentice me?

Need a mentor to learn and guide
Would be great to earn an income
Will anyone apprentice me?

My poems and photos are ok
but to become more professional
I need someone to apprentice me?

Daily Prompt:  Apprentice



  1. By the way it’s POM = Prisoner of her Majesty! Our traditional landowners are claiming the more recent boat people are of a better quality than those who arrived 200+ years ago lol

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  2. A friend uses the services of a photographer called Wes Gibson, I’m afraid I don’t know the particulars, but she seems very happy with the advice she receives. As for editing, I’m afraid as a creative writer that isn’t a strong point as it’s the bit I loathe to do at the end! But would be happy to help out with creative writing. 🙂 I recognise your passion Kate, and I’m sure you can capitalise on it. I’ve known many people who have given up the nine-to-five to become successful photographers.

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