Spin a Yarn

I can spin a yarn as good as any
but have trouble knitting a square

I prefer my yarns short and sharp
but I tend to drop too many stitches

Easier to yarn about real life happenings
but my tension is too uneven

Give me a topic and I will sprout forth
but don’t give me a pattern or you will go cold

Can you spin a good yarn
or is knitting your passion?

Daily Prompt:  Yarn



  1. Knitting is not my passion. But I did learn to knit and crochet a few things, like triangle shawl, sweater , throw for sofa etc. I also do needle work. I can’t hold my attention for a long time and that is why I never pursued that area. But time to time, I like doing some kind of craft.

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    • My crocheting is fine made a baby blanket for my niece but my English grandmother taught her first four grandchildren, me and three brothers, how to knit, crochet and embroider. The last two I was most competent in but the eldest, a large built man who worked on building sites, used to knit his children intricately designed jumpers in his work breaks … and no one dared to make fun of him!

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