Perfume, scent, aroma, smell, fragrance
call it what you will
If subtle and sensuous my nose twitches
and my brain centre is on sniff alert

If slightly elusive I’m compelled to investigate
but if strong or pungent the sneezes start
offended by the invasion of my senses
my sinuses over react and I sneeze it back

What scent arouses you?
The aroma of fresh brewed coffee
or the bakery as the trays come out
the fresh sea air clears my mind

or the bush fragrance right after rainfall
a freshly bathed baby
a certain incense, not too sweet
or a well cooked curry, what a treat

Daily Prompt:  Perfume



  1. My favorites are cut grass, morning coffee, the sweet blossoms of black locust trees, and my wife’s cooking, especially curry!.

    As a matter of fact I was thinking of a closely related theme just the other day and that’s the “smell” of a place. For instance, I’m in North Alabama, but when I go home to Nashville, Tennessee, the smell is different. It’s the smell of home, where I grew up. And too, the smell of rural Japan is very different. It defies definition. It’s wonderful. It’s so amazing to me how a place develops its own definite odor.

    Great poem…thank you for posting

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    • thanks Paul, I must seek out a black locust tree … and I totally agree about the smell of a place! India’s assault on the senses is difficult to define at any level but there is a distinct smell once you leave that plane.

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  2. The smell of a damp forest, wood chips as they’re being carved from a half finished sculpture, wood balsam, sandalwood oil – anything to do with wood sends me into raptures. Oh, and I like the fragrance of new cotton lawn, before it’s been washed 🙂

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  3. Coffee, the “real” outdoors (I live in a farming are, so outside here smells like pig poop most of the year), fresh cut grass, curry, thunder storms, right after it snows, a sea breeze (not in a heavy fishing area that has been contaminated by rotten fish though–yuck)

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  4. You’ve written about some of THE best aromas!
    I, also, enjoy the smell of the desert after a rainstorm, sugar cookies baking, peanut butter, lavendar, spices (like nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.), fireplace, pumpkin, etc! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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