Lynus had his dirty blanket
Peanut languished on his kennel
Garfield tucked into food
Hagar went to sea with the mates

Phantom had his mask and cape,
how do you ‘escape’?
What’s your ‘comfort’
when things get too confused?

Your solace, security or refuge?
Is it work, alcohol or shops,
ice-cream with chocolate tops,
different partner or a new car.

What helps you with the gloom?
Rearrange each room,
read another long novel,
Gardening with that shovel.

Avoid others with trouble
does it really work,
get the desired outcome,
or still feeling glum?

Don’t indulge till your numb;
Eat something wholesome;
Get on the phone to Mum;
Think of a favourite tune and hum.

Find a solace that’s more plumb
something challenging, not dumb;
mind training is my rum;
stay balanced, don’t come undone.