Live Avidly

I am avid about life
I am avid about humanity
and try to blend these passions
on my blog and in my actions

Listening to others, volunteering
Minimising my carbon footprint
Living by my core values
Lessening my self-pity and anger

Have thrown out worry, guilt and shame
for they seem a heavy waste of energy
Embraced diversity; been to university
but prefer to think for myself

Enjoy physical and spiritual health,
consider that great personal wealth
Friend’s contact when in need
allowing space for contemplation

With purpose defined
pursue it avidly
For words are completely worthless
without corresponding activity

What do you do avidly?
Is it healthy for your soul?
Does it make you content?
Will you leave this world a better place?

For when we have meaning
our focus is clear
as goodness radiates out
Kindness is what it’s all about!




      • I’ve never tried to put it in words. I’ve been told my writing touches people emotionally so I try to be positive and upbeat in my posts. I used humor to defuse tense situations throughout my military career and in my current profession. My nickname through the years has been Smiley. The best thing I could do for the kids who worked for me in the Navy was to smile, be positive, and never let them see me down. I praised in public and counseled in private. I guess I always treated people kindly.

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