Cranky Pants

There was a cranky old man who lived in a dam
in the wheel house half way down
As he was not staff he couldn’t enter by the shaft
so instead he shimmied down in a rope tied raft

He was so cranky staff didn’t approach
they waited till he left before they would visited
Cause in his mind he owned that whole dam
In his mind he was protecting the cities water supply

So this was his excuse for his cranky abuse
as he let rip if others came near
especially those young ones zooming down the apron
on skate boards with small sails to keep them upright

What goes on at dam walls you’d be greatly surprised
Remember the lad that saved many by plugging it with his finger
So this old man defends his illegal squat by being cranky
Driving others away ensures avoidance of human intimacy

Found many make it a crusty habit, their form of defence
Might be more worthwhile to give ‘cranky’ a miss
Letting others in might be considered a risk
but life without others is arid and void of real meaning

Daily Prompt:  Cranky



  1. Just the same Kate, had more blood tests on Thursday, due to see Dr again in 3 weeks, I mentioned Bursitis to him all I got was “no it can’t be that”, he told me along with another Dr there it looked like Shin Splints but could not be, Fed up of them all. Glad you liked the poem on the boys when small, yes BIg Men now, still had their two Eggs each. Its cloudy here and a little chilly. Have a good Easter Sunday Kate.

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