So many things please me:

a warm smile,
a kind word
a genuine compliment
a helping hand

I’m always so pleased to see
such kindness and care for others
Especially as our news seems so bad
why wallow, enjoy each moment, be glad!

Daily Prompt:  Pleased



  1. So beautifully stated. It’s the sort of thing we all need to hear every day…every hour. I really mean that. I just drove home from the store and while stopped at red lights I noticed everyone seemed tired and haggard in their cars and trucks, leaning on the windows, One lady kept running her hand through her hair. She seemed so frustrated. One guy was yelling into his cell phone. It was amazing to see. So when just now I read your post, it seems the most amazing thing. So simple and yet so difficult for most people. So thank you for sharing!

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