Healing comes in many forms
but mainly we focus on the physical
those keen to stay healthy choose their lifestyle
while others seek legal and illegal meds

Such quick fixes only mask symptoms
for they don’t look at actual causes
We need to take regular pauses
to check what adjustments we need

More exercise and sleep, a good feed
Get to know your body and listen closely
for when we know ourselves well
with close care we can avoid symptoms

But for emotional and mental healing
we need to check our core values
if we live according to them
this harmony keeps us in sync

But if unaware and confused we may sink
Exploring our spiritual inner world
Opens many more doors to healing
How do you care of your inner health?

Empower yourself now and take good care
for when healthy and happy we have more to share
Heal from within to ignite that inner glow
for it enables us to truly grow!

Daily Prompt:  Heal

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  1. I completely agree with your post Kate. Self-care is necessary and not selfish as some may judge. Mental and emotional health is just as crucial as physical health because it’s all connected 😊 one affects the other. I use exercise to take care of myself in all ways and it’s a great way to feel good without any meds. 😊 I like your new gravatar too 😀

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  2. Kate, sometimes I think “how can I go through another day, the Doctor has no idea what this pain in my right leg is, or how to treat it, saw him yesterday and it was “more Morphine and Cream Morphine to put on leg”, I already wear a Morphine patch have done for years and I do not want to get addicted to this stuff. If I take the Morphine at night, which he tells me I should it knoks me out I don’t wake up u ntil midday plus, and that The only way I can describe the pain is, its like being in Labour 24 hours a day but at least then you have something at the end. The pain is relentless,so bad last week I started to “cut again” to find some relief. Waiting to see Consultant and have a Scan. My youngest Son heard me screaming with the pain week ago and he took me to Casualty, I knew they could do nothing, but I did expect the Nurse to know what the two bones in the leg were not say to me “what are those bones called, I have forgotten” until my Son said Tibia and Fibula, can you believe that. Welcome to the NHS! Thank you for asking Kate, hope I have not bored you. How are you poppet?

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    1. Have they checked for bursitis, it is extremely painful? And heard pain killers stop being effective after 6-8 weeks, guess the body gets used to them. Physio or chiropractor might help … if your sons have the cash get a proper diagnosis. Lingering on the NHS doesn’t help anyone.
      I’m well and hope you feel better very soon


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