It maybe prudent to read a post before you actually press ‘like’
Cause some have more cuss than content
others only include a link and nothing more
to the current daily prompt to increase their score!

Have also found many link their usual posts here
with content that has nothing to do with the topic
unable to rise to the challenge,
they are just out to increase their score!

Especially those who click ten or even more
In just one minute for visual effect?
Or just fishing, it really doesn’t impress!
So prolific clickers please be more prudent
as most bloggers prefer those with genuine interest!

Daily Prompt:  Prudent



  1. I’ve noticed that too, often among the first several that appear. Most of the rest of us have to actually think of a new post and write a bit, or at least search for something that reflects the theme in our folders of old poetry we haven’t posted yet.

    Very cute poem!

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  2. Wow Ginger… as a new comer I’ve learnt about the prompts. Thank you. It should be about reading and perhaps commenting to make new connections and for me, there is also a big loyalty factor too. A gentle way to provide food for thought…🌸

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