We need cooperative relationships with each other,
such as neighbours and our environment for they sustain us.
Life is more meaningful when we know and care for others.

If we cannot manage to live symbiotically
we will struggle without those connections
that support us through our challenges.

For we are all closely interwoven threads
Of life’s large delightful tapestry
Each unique but interdependent!

Daily Prompt:  Symbiosis



        1. Was so overwhelmed by the whole Amazon thing that I did miss your biography … went back just now and found it! Would be great to feature you on “Meet the Bloggers soon! Can you please look at the format on that site and start the process for me? Thanks Wally .. couldn’t find any intro pages to your book?


          1. Ginger, On into pages; if you go to the note I sent you (with the book cover) and place your cursor over that a button will appear that says review book. Click on that and you will have access to several pages of the book.
            On MEET THE BLOGGERS; I can’t seem to find a link to that site. I will try again but if it is not too much trouble could you send me a link to it. Thanks, Wally

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